• East meets West Atlantic Salmon Ceviche

     O’Leary Walker Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

    “Fresh seafood and citrus fruits are fabulous with the Sauvignon Blanc’s grapefruit notes. The wine also gives a nice balance of green fruits to the green ingredients”

    YokThai-Food (42)
    East meets West Ceviche of Atlantic Salmon, Avocado, Thai lime, Ponzu, Flying Fish Roe, Truffle Oil with
    Shallot, Chilli, Shiso, and Toasted Almond


    Humble Advice – Always trust your palate and its description

    To us, there is no strict rule to the perfect wine matching ideas. Explore and find your very own favourite food and wine parings. Yok has seriously worked through a diverse range of wines to offer you the list that beautifully copes with subtle tastes and scents of Asian herbs and spices.